In principle:

the regulations of Swiss Triathlon hold. They can be seen on


Responsibility Every athlete is personally responsibe for his training and proper health at the start line. He has to follow reulations, traffic rules, indications of the organization, of the volunteers and of the refrees.
Race material Every athlete is personally responsible of his own race material and has to ensure that they follow what sayd in the regulations: in particular, approved bike type, helmet and wetsuits.
Bib and cap Athletes have to wear the cap and bib provided by the organization.
Discipline It is strictly forbidden to hinder, push, hold back the opponents or damage his competition material, ...
Change zone The change has to be done in the assigned place. Every piece of gear and clothing has to be stored so that other participants are not obstructed.
External help Athletes can not be attended by external persons. Physical help is forbidden. Information and hints of helpers along the race are allowed.
Swim Fins, paddles, breathers and other gear are forbidden. Hands and feet have to stay free. Goggles and nose clips are allowed. Depending on weather conditions, approved wetsuits might be mandatory.

The track is not closed from traffic. In the change zone it is forbidden to get on the bike. Drafting is forbidden. At the end of the track, whoever recived a warning has to go in the Penalty Box before reentering the change zone.

Run It is forbidden to run barefoot or with uncovered chest. It is forbidden to run with the helmet.
Earphones During the race it is forbidden to the athletes to wear earphones for moruc of for communication (phone,...)
Timing The chip for timing has to be fastened to the left ankle.
For the relay the chip has to be passed along the athletes: swimmer gives it to cyclist, then to runenr Before leavin the chiange zone the chip has to be fastened correclty. The chip has to be returned right after the finish. Chip loss is fined with 50.- CHF.
Retiring An athlete retiring from the competition has to take off the bib and leave the track. He has to annouce his retirement to Data Sport at the finish.
Personal catering Personal catering along the track is forbidden. They can be given exclusively in the assigned area close to the official catering zones.
Continuation after accident Athletes that needed help after an accident can continue the race with the permission of the doctor or the health personnel. In case of serious accident with third parties, collisions with others, injured or hit-and-run, the security service of the Triathlon and the police have to be called.
Complaints Complaints have to be given to the chief refree at most 15mins after finishing. Timing complaints have to be given within 30mins from the publication of the temporary rankings.