Distance Adapted to age
Baby Zip: 20m/0.6km/100m
Mini Zip: 20m/1.2km/100m
Speedy Zip: 40m/1.8km/200m
Scolari 10-11: 100m/2.8km/500m
Scolari 12-13: 200m/5.2km/600m
Athletes Kids Race dedicated to fun, healthy movement and families
Categories Not timed:
Speedy Zip 8-9 anni
Mini Zip 5-7 anni
Baby Zip 3-4 anni

Scolari 10-11 anni
Scolari 12-13 anni

Registration     Within the deadline usind Data Sport
On place registrations with a fee only in case there are still places
There is a fixed maximum number of participants
With registration the athlete accepts the race regulation and the registration regulation
Registration of minors (born in 2002 or later) is allowed only with written authorization of the parents
Entry fees

Speedy Zip CHF 15.--
Mini Zip CHF 15.--
Baby Zip CHF 15.--
Scolari CHF 20.--
Additional late registration fee from 18 august 2019 CHF 5.--

Insurance Every athlete must have a proper insurance for damages (RC) and injuries
Licence Not needed
Regulations Swiss Triathlon regulations and Triathlon di Locarno registration regulations hold.
- Bike helmet
- Shoes for bike and run
- Wearing a tshirt after the swim part
- Wearing the bib during bike and run
Kids (3-9yo): allowed are floating devices for swimming, kids bike with additional wheels
Baby Zip (3-4yo): must be accompanied by a relative or friend that is at least 16yo

Saturday 7.9.2019

Start in batteries of 20-30 athletes
09.00: Scolari 12-13
10.00: Scolari 10-11
11.15: Speedy Zip 8-9
12.30: Mini Zip 5-7
14.00: Baby Zip 3-4

Swim In the pool
The pool is watched and the kids are always able to touch and stand up. Scolari swimm in the olympic pool
Baby Zip: 20m
Mini Zip: 20 m
Speedy Zip: 40 m
Scolari 10-11: 100 m
Scolari 12-13: 200 m
Bike Helmet, shoes and tshirt are mandatory
Bike has to be in perfect state
Path closed to traffic:
Baby Zip: 0.6 km
Mini Zip: 1.2 km
Path watched, open to traffic:
Speedy Zip: 1.8 km
Scolari 10-11: 2.8 km
Scolari 12-13: 5.2 km
Run Shoes and tshirt are mandatory
Flat track on the park in the Lido area
Baby Zip: 100 m
Mini Zip: 200 m
Speedy Zip: 300 m
Scolari 10-11: 500 m
Scolari 12-13: 600 m
Prizes Scolari: Preizes for first three finishers in every category.
Kids: no rankings
Finisher prizes for all participants
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